travel update 15/02/16

It’s been a week since my first update post, so it’s time to crank out another one.

The journey… so far 

Melbourne (Australia) > Singapore > Hong Kong > London (UK) > Faro (Portugal) > Lagos (Portugal) > Paris (France) > Hesdin (France) > Bruges (Belgium) > Ghent (Belgium) > Brussels (Belgium) > Antwerp (Belgium) > Rotterdam (Netherlands) > Amsterdam (Netherlands) > Utrecht (Netherlands) > Cologne (Germany) > Hanover (Germany) > Berlin (Germany)

Weekly recap

We started the week in Utrecht, Netherlands, which was the perfect pick-me-up after the disappointment of Amsterdam. Utrecht is beautiful, has an interesting history (which we learnt about in the DOMunder tour) and great places to eat. Anyone who plans a trip to the Netherlands and does not visit Utrecht is missing out.

Tip: Check out Trajectum Lumen, it’s a path to different light installations throughout Utrecht and is a great way to see the city at night.


I have been thinking about visiting Germany since my first German lesson back in high school, 18 years ago, and I am so glad I finally got here.

Our first stop was Cologne, which is not the prettiest German city – as described by one local we met – but it has plenty of character. And sometimes a city is about more than the number of photograph-worthy sites, it is about the atmosphere and the people. And that is what we experienced in Cologne.

Tip: Find a local eatery, order the pork knuckle and try to finish it while they continually bring you beer. Seriously, the moment you drink the second-last sip there will be a new beer in front of you. It can be a little overwhelming for people who don’t speak German, but we had a great time at Päffgen. (Thanks to my Uncle for this tip.)

The journey from Cologne to Berlin is fairly long, so we stopped over in Hanover for a night. We didn’t get to see much of Hanover, but… we did see snow! The first we’ve seen during our European adventure and it made me giddy like a kid on Christmas morning.

And now we’re in Berlin, but I will tell you all about that in the next update.

Dani x




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