british bacon is better

I remember my first English breakfast sausage so vividly. It was 2003, I was staying with a family in the English countryside and was given a sausage butty (English slang word for sandwich/roll) for breakfast. It was unlike anything I’d ever eaten and it was amazing. All these years later, now that I live in London, I realise that it isn’t just breakfast sausages, it is all items pig-related that the British do so well.


You might think that this is an odd post, but I feel that much time is devoted to just how terrible English coffee is. So why not focus on something that is truly wonderful.

Now let’s just take boutique farmers and specialist deli’s off the table. I am comparing your average supermarket bought bacon. Is there any reason for this noticeable difference or is it just my vitamin D deficient body craving bacon? (Ha, I jest. I’ve actually seen more sunlight here in London than I have in Melbourne. Thank you unemployment.)

Bacon (1)

Apparently, according to a quick Google search (which mostly resulted in English people living in Australia complaining about Australian bacon), the meat is cured differently. In the same posts, I also noticed that the English-Australians were complaining about our sausages. So it seems that the Brits take their bacon and their pigs a bit more seriously – see . (There is also a lot of debate about British vs American bacon, but I won’t get into that.)

Though the best bacon I have had was from a farm in country Victoria (Australia), on the whole, the British bacon is better.

Now how to resist eating it all the time…


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