moving to london

An Aussie living in London… it’s certainly not a new story or a path less travelled. For many Australians it seems to be a rite of passage, a journey to take before settling down back home. So there are no surprises here, I’m Just Another F*cking Australian (aka JAFA, and yes I have stolen this from Kiwis – much like Aussies have claimed everything good to have come out of NZ).

While spending too much time on the tube and soaking up every minute of sun when it shines, a number of thoughts have struck me (and they haven’t gone away). Why are all the supermarket vegetables wrapped in plastic? Where can you buy Minties? Why is recycling less prevalent here? The list goes on.

I’ve been living in London for just over a month and my initial musings are…

  • London is a city made up of lots of towns/boroughs (more like Sydney than Melbourne). Each area has its own culture or sub-culture and there are invisible geographical lines that some people won’t cross.
  • A lot of Londoners are grumpy or in a rush or both. But I’m sure there are friendly ones out there, I just haven’t met them yet.
  • It is an expensive place to live. Sometimes I could swap the pound symbol with a dollar and the price would be the same back home. But it’s ok, because it’s London.
  • The sun does shine in London, but it is exactly like Melbourne – don’t count on it staying that way. It is very possible that you will get four seasons in one day, and always carry an umbrella.
  • It is a big city, but don’t be lulled into always catching the tube. Often it is quicker to walk, and walking around London is pretty nice.

I miss my friends and family, and being unemployed is draining my soul, but this has definitely been the best decision of my life.



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